First generation involves a circus and the life of Quill Grey Haze. This will be my third DITFT and already have a prologue and chapter up for your guys reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy. :3

See ya on my new blog.

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Bye Y’all! See Ya in 3 Months~

Alright, I didn’t mention it on here but now I am.

I will be gone Sunday (tomorrow) for pretty much 3 months with a summer job. I hated for Amours to be sitting out that long and this is why I chose to write as much as I could before I left and end it there. (explaining 4 chapters and not the full 13)


The epilogue ending was cause the island they landed on was on purpose. It is an island that is filled with people who are in tune with nature (plant sims, deer sims ect) and don’t want to be known to modern society so it is rather secretive where this island is except for perhaps the pilot and Q.T. Pie. I probably should have explained it a bit better but the Amour boys think they are on a stranded island and that the plane crashed. In actuality they didn’t and are being observed by the tribe.

I will probably use Emmy and Spindle to play around with Island Paradise in between job switches in 2 months for the few days I have before I leave again. No actual posts, but I will probably share some pictures here, BUT EXPECIALLY on my Tumblr (<-click)

UPON MY RETURN FOR GOOD  I will be starting a new DITFT.  It starts with a circus and to meet the troupe and cast feel free to look over at these beauties right here. Yes there is a big cast but I have big plans and I hope you all are as excited as I for this to happen.

(I will give the link here for the new blog and on tumblr as it has yet to be created) 

LOOK AT  THIS. It made me cry. And Amours Tribute Video. 

So yes, this is goodbye. Not forever but just until I get back from all the summer job stuff and I hope to see all your wonderful faces upon my return. :3


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Colors of Amour: Gen15 ~ Epilogue: Spindle and Eminence Amour


Targets have made it. Targets have landed. Targets are here. 

The boys washed up on an island confused and disoriented. They clung to each other, eyes wide and drenched to the bone. Shivering the made their way past the sand and onto the grass flopping exhausted.

Neither said anything too focused on the fact they were alive. One asked if the plane crashed the other looked rather shell shocked as he scanned the ocean but saw no plane in sight. That boy turned to the other and looked frightened.

They were stranded.

If only, if only they knew what laid in store. If only, they knew the plans in the making. If only, there was time to explain. If only, silence held the answer. If only, things could be told. But not yet, not yet. If only now.


Hours passed and they made themselves shelter and food from coconuts. The weren’t sure in their plan of action but the need to survive quickly launched them into action of getting necessities that they had collected now. They didn’t move far from the beach even while collecting wood and things. They choose huddling close to each other for warmth as their clothes -or at least what little remained hung by the fire to dry.

Things linger in the dark. Things watch them not knowing. Careful things need time to observe. Things need time to trust. 

A week passes like this. They start to lose hope. Still they don’t venture into the forest. Still they stay near the beach, still hopeful. They wonder out loud if a plane will spot them and bring them home. They listen and keep an ear out for such.

Planes don’t come out to see. They no not of the shores here. Secrets kept. Must protect. Planes bring people. People are bad. Outsiders. Like you two. But you two are different. Remind us of her. Tales of them, but chose never to go near. Observed those outsiders many moons ago. Different now. Times change but still need to be the same. Life is precious. Secrets kept. If only, if only. Time may tell. Silence holds the answers. Plans in the making.


Month passes. They start venturing in the forest, but not far. Still clinging to the hope help will come and uncertainly of what lays in the forest, they don’t seem to go far. They search forest edge keeping an eye on the beach as they do it.  They only take what they need and have made a make-shift fishing pole. Their shack, which doesn’t look like much but is sturdy on even the stormiest of days, has shifted through the days for preparations of staying for longer then they’d like.

Soon. Plans in the making. To become actions. Time may tell. Mutters of having a scout. Make sure they are the people they search for. Must not tell they were summoned. Must not say they be watched. It be no good. No good. Soon. Silence holds answers. Just not yet can you tell what they are.


One day they run across a young boy dressed like the wilds. They are confused. Another person on the island beside themself? They try speaking but this young child does not speak their tongue. One offers the boy food they were making. It is a small offering, but big in the eyes which are unseen by these outsiders.

They are kind. They will do. They will integrate. They will learn. They shall live. They stay. Peace on the island as it goes through another cycle. Tribe can be rebuilt. Men sent good for island. Chose to stay, we hope. If only, if only, silence held all the answers. Time may tell. Time will tell.

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Colors of Amour: Gen15.2: Spindle Amour


They were just lines. Though now, since I didn’t want to sit around home all day, I had turned my lines from the paper into an actual career. I built and remodeled homes for people. Lines I could touch besides the smudge of graphite.

People seemed to, for the most part enjoy my work. There were some who just didn’t seem happy at all no matter what you did. Others who you could just couldn’t help but smile as they walked into their new room, getting excited about the fact I’d made it quite a bit under budget and made their space so beautiful and new looking. An then there was a handful whom more wanted the company then any actual work being done.


Sometimes that would lead to questions and concerns about the gossip latest about my family. Mostly dealing with my brother and some of my mother. Even some of me. A few times even my grandmas and great-grandparents were mentioned. Oh and a bit of Aunt Carrara for when some of the local gossipers got heated up enough to dig into our life.

I couldn’t really tell you what was so interesting about it all.

To be completely honest, sometimes I’d have to grab the mp3 Marron had filled with music for me just to block it all and really focus on the task at hand to even go about getting any work done. If there was work to be done. Sometimes I felt people just invited me over to their homes to gawk at me rather than a remodel of a bathroom or new addition. 

Does that sound bad of me to say?


Most of my clients are actually very nice people. Like take Miss Daisy for instance. An older lady who had landed herself some wealth from the lotto when she turned 18 and whom had never married – “Never will either. Papa tried making me chose a suitor but I just won the lottery and got out of that town”, – and had no kids of her own.

I did her kitchen would take me out for lunch with her since she hated dining alone and for the obvious fact that she couldn’t very well make herself anything to eat with the kitchen being taken apart. I’d drive her to the cafe, since she didn’t have a car, which usually would set her into a fit of giggles – “It’s just reminds me of a movie I saw long while back, mind you ’twas different but that title … gets me every time. Reason I never learned to drive you know? Got to get your kicks somehow” – until we got there. 


We’d chat, about normal stuff like movies and favorite hobbies, over lunch. Told me she didn’t believe any of the stories going because gossip -“You’d think it be outlawed by now of spreadin’ lies of other people. Life’s to short to be worryin’ about that.”-was just something horrible thing to do to another human.  Sometimes she’d speak of her childhood and other things of her past, but never asked or made me feel pressured to share.

She’d ask to help with the renovations sometimes over our lunch but normally by the time we’d make it back she’d have already changed her mind. Okay, near the end I managed to get her to help with laying down the tile and painting. She had fun with that.

Even told me she might give me a ring if she planned on doing her bathroom.

* * * *


It was actually Miss Daisy who was the reason me and my brother, Emmy, were heading out of town. She had a niece by the name of Q.T. Pie whom was in need of both our expertise with a revamping the community project she had going on.

“It shouldn’t take us much more then a few months,” I told Eminence as we waited in the airplane terminal It take at least two planes for us to get there, “Perhaps only a month for you, depending so you could head back whenever.”

Emmy shrugged, “True.”

“Don’t stay because of me,” I told him. “I’ve been getting better with my attacks and I brought all my meds I’ll need. Plus Miss Daisy wouldn’t put me in a situation where I could get in such a bad state. She said it wouldn’t be all that stressful.”


“If you say so, Spindle,” said Eminence teasing me. He then leaned back, “Do you even know where we are going? I never heard of this… place.”

“Q.T. and Miss Daisy had set everything up.” I replied, surprisingly relaxed. At this point I had done a lot of remodeling for Miss Daisy she was sort of another member of the Amour clan like Aunt Rara was technically not related by blood or marriage. “So relax.”

He laughed “I am relaxed. I mean have you met my last on-going client. He’s a handful. I had to make him a good warehouse of stuff just for when I’m gone so he doesn’t throw a tantrum about having nothing to wear.”

I stared at Emmy, “Your joking right?”


“Hardly. Kid is nutso sometimes if you don’t know how to put up with his attitude. Cause I dish it right back at him which seems to work.”

“Yeah, this will be easy-peasy for you then.”

“Yep.” grinned Eminence. “As long as they aren’t all acting like that we are right as rain.”

We didn’t have to wait long for the plane we’d be riding to be ready and after a 3 hour flight we were transferred onto another, smaller plane.


Well, after needing to be directed where to go because it wasn’t on the list of coming and going flights and there were some whom we asked who never heard of the plane. But finally a nice janitor helped us out by leading us to where there was the plane that take us.

It was sort of freaky -and I might have took an anxiety pill to calmy my nerves- being in a 3 person plane instead of a big airline carrier like we had been in for the other flight.  I mean seriously it was just me, Emmy, and the pilot a big burly man whom did nothing but grunt annoyed at the sight of us since we were twenty minutes late on getting to the plane.

I really questioned going through with this, but I just told myself it was because it was such a small plane in a big airport and that is why it wasn’t well known.


Unlike me, Emmy was really enjoying this plane. Even before we took off, he was looking at most everything. You’d think with how much he was liking this he hadn’t just been on a plane for 3 hours just before now. And some of his questions did little to settle my nerves.

“Hey! Hey Spindle do you think the plane shakes with the wind?”

I might have turned a bit green at the thought.


“I hope not,” I muttered as I glanced back at my luggage that I hadn’t had stored in cargo hold because the stuff Emmy had brought filled most of it so there wasn’t room in this small plane to put it all there and I had settled for the simpler route of putting a case of my luggage behind my seat.

Before long, the plane took off and somehow Emmy was snoring next to me. How could he sleep during such a ride over water, I will never know. The plane ride was going well too until we suddenly hit a bad batch of turbulence.

I remember screaming like a when the pilot jerked the wheel an we were facing the water. I think I started cursing, and telling the pilot to pull up. Praying that we wouldn’t crash. Fearing that we would. My heart was racing a million miles a minute….


And then there was darkness.

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Colors of Amours: Gen15.1: Eminence Amour


I had graduated a few months earlier then the rest of my classmates. In part because I had put extra time and effort into my schooling but another of it came from the fact I was just ready to get out of there.

School was too restricting and I already knew the toughness of the real world. I had grown up with exactly how cruel life could be. Some of my teachers, and peers, who didn’t appreciate my talents with fabric told me I should stop. That I should grow up, what I did was weird, and that I should look for a real job since the fashion industry was so fickle.

But I didn’t want to give this up.


I loved every second, practically able to hear the fabric speak to me on what I wanted to create. I mean for prom I had made some of my classmates whom couldn’t afford such a fancy thing as a dress for only a few hours wear came to me and, if I might add, looked steller in the dresses I had custom designed for them. Oh no, I was not going to give it up unless I didn’t like doing it anymore. That was just the way it was going down.

And happily the local salon had hired me fresh out of high school cause they had heard of my fresh talent from people around the town. And even better about my new job was the fact the people that worked there didn’t seem to mind I changed clothes so often. Even sometimes being woman’s wear since I wasn’t going to be bias on that. I mean I had to wear things to make sure they worked well, wouldn’t want someone wearing my clothes and not feeling like they were a second skin and natural part of their selves.


“Hey Emmy.”

“Hey Primrose. Here for your wedding dress?”

“Is it ready?”

“Yep. Had added the finishing touches last night.” I replied with a cheerful grin, “Let me just run to the back and grab it. I’m sure Emerald wouldn’t mind some company. Her husband is suppose to be here any moment to pick her up from her appointment. While you wait for me to get back. Shouldn’t take more then a moment.”

I was gone and back just as Emerald was headed out the door.


Primrose was looking apprehensively at the plastic, moving nervously from one foot to the other. “Are you sure you don’t need another day? I could come back if you need-”

“No,” I replied giving her a warm smile since I knew she was just feeling pre-wedding jitters. As she, and her sister, had warned me about when they first entered the salon. Apparently she had tried on so many dresses before coming to me with this unique order because she couldn’t find exactly what she had in mind, and I made her my client even though she had only came in that first time for setting up her hair appointment. Holding my smile I waved her over to my work station, “I know it will look lovely on you as it is.”

Her cheeks grow a shade darker as she bows her head.

“Shall we go to the bathroom then for you to change? I’d have to help you get the dress on, though you can call your sister if you’d rather her help you put it on.”


She shook her head, “No, let’s just do this now.” She slipped past me and into the bathroom and then quickly undressed herself so she was just in her underwear.  She looked uncertain as she glanced back at me, “You sure it will fit?”

“Yes. Now close your eyes. I want to see your reaction with this dress on you. No second guessing, no feeling like you won’t be utterly amazing in your wedding dress. I promise, no, I swear- you’ll feel like a princess every moment you wear this.” And then I start taking the dress out of the bag, carefully eyeing Primrose to make sure she isn’t looking and make her slowly step into the dress and gently guide her back towards my station. “Open ’em.”


Her gasp is loud as she stares at herself in the mirrors. I can’t help but smile as she turns one way and then the next, her eyes brimming with tears. “It’s so beautiful, Emmy.”

“But it’s not even complete, I mutter grabbing the veil and clipping it into her hair. “There, now you’re perfect.”

She launches herself at me and gives me a hug. She is crying as she says “thank you” over and over, that the dress I made was beyond perfect, and that she couldn’t wait to see everyone’s face- especially her fiance- when she walked down the isle.

I laughed. “I promised you I wouldn’t disappoint.”


“It’s wonderful. Thank you so much.” She curses softly as she tries wiping her eyes and I hand her a tissue. I knew this had put a lot of stress on her for finding a dress, especially with the wedding not very faraway.

“I’m glad you like the dress. Any changes you think I need to make?”

Primrose shook her head, “It’s perfect.”

I helped her get out of her dress and set everything in the plastic so it wouldn’t get wrinkly. “If you need anything else don’t hesitate to call,” I told her as I watched her leave the salon with her wedding dress. I hadn’t charged her much more then the materials which was cheaper then any of the dresses she had looked at. Primrose was planning on leaving it at her sister’s house until the wedding, she explained as she left the salon in smiles.

* * * *


“Hey Auntie Rara,” I said kissing the side of her head, “How was Mom today?”

She sighed, “Same as always. She’s in her room. Oh, Spindle and Maroon should be getting back soon. They are bringing home supper.” Before I could ask about my younger siblings, Auntie Rara added, “Rose and Cherub are in the kitchen doing homework.”

“I’ll go see if they need any help then.” I replied heading off towards the kitchen where the two were talking in quiet voices about their homework. But as soon as I entered the room they stopped and looked over at me.

“You’re home!” said Cherub, getting up quickly to give me a hug.

“So I am.”


“Can you help me with this problem? I don’t know how to solve it. Like I’ve tried several times but I just don’t get the same number as the back of the book” Rose asked and I glanced at her paper and at her work she shown. Everything looked right to me.

“Have you considered that perhaps the back of the book is wrong?”

“Probably. . . I’ll ask my teacher about it tomorrow.” Rose muttered, closing her book notebook, “Thanks for that though.”

“Brother? Can I use your easel?” Cherub asked suddenly, tugging on my pant leg.

“Have you finished your  homework?” When I a guilty look crossed his face, I smiled, “Finish that up and I’ll let you paint after dinner okay?”



“Maroon and Spindle should be home soon with food. I’m going to go check on Mom if you need me.” I say and then grin, ” I bet there will be pizza, so you best make sure all your homework is done before they get home.”

“Mmm, pizza.” The two said and I laughed as I left to go towards the hallways and past my room to where Mom’s room was. I knocked once before opening it. “Mom, I’m back.”

As she had been for the last few years, she was staring at the TV not even acknowledging the world around her. My other siblings had slowly stopped spending a lot of time with her because they didn’t think she’d get better from this empty shell, but I had tried helping out with Mom. It be too much to ask her to handle our mother on her own.


I propped her up a bit and grabbed the brush from the nightstand and began brushing her hair. “You know I finished that wedding dress today. The girl, Primrose, she was really happy about it. I like making people happy like that Mom.” As normal, she didn’t seem to take note of my words or even that I was around. So I continued to speak, “I should make you a new dress. Would you like that Mom?”

I continued brushing her hair, only sound coming from the tv and my own voice, until I heard my older sister and brother coming inside and with my younger siblings shouting excitedly about pizza. I put the brush down and smiled at my mother, “Pizza’s here. I’ll save you a slice before everyone eats it all.


I headed towards the living room and grabbed myself a slice and a slice for Mom. I listened to Maroon talk about her day as Spindle went off to his room. Bad day, I figured by the looks of it, but I wasn’t about to ask. Instead I settled down with my pizza and relaxed.

You just had to take it a day at a time.

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Colors of Amour: Gen15.0: Eminence and Spindle Amour

** Eminence Amour ** 

He waited for the muffled, pained shouts coming from his older brother’s room to stop before glancing over at the clock next to his bed. A grown crossed his lips. 2 AM.


Eminence waited a few extra minutes in attempt to fall back into slumber but when sleep did not come, he rose slowly out of his bed and opening the door.  It was quiet, which came as a surprise since often with the occasional nightmare Spindle experienced would often trigger his younger brother, Cherub, to wake up and start screaming as well.

Emmy didn’t understand how either of his sisters could handle it. Especially when one was in the same room as Spindle. Though it had been her choice on the matter. Auntie Rara (who wasn’t actually there aunt but their mum’s old friend) had offered to give Maroon one of the bigger bedrooms but she had refused by saying it was more stability for Spindle if they shared instead because Maroon would feel more helpless in another room.

“Couldn’t sleep,” Auntie Rara asked as soon as he made his way into the kitchen.


Eminence shook his head. “Not after that.” He swept past her and grabbed an orange juice from the fridge. “Have the doctors decided if they are going to give Spindle new meds yet?”

She shook her head, “Didn’t sound like it. More just upping the douse.”

Eminence nodded slowly as he shifts from one foot to the other as he asks quietly, “Did they say anything about Ma?” He didn’t dare look up at his aunt, instead settled for sipping his drink and eyeing it with fake interest.

His Auntie Rara shrugged, “Condititon hasn’t improved. And they don’t think she will if she doesn’t try. And she doesn’t seem to want that which is a shame.”


“I’d wish she’d at least try for us.”

Rara forced a small, sad smile. “I know and maybe she will try for you guys. But it’s going to take time. Your mother has been through a lot.”

“We’ve all been through a lot,” Eminance replied, running his fingers through his hair. He sighed, “I just wish it was faster to see any sort of change. It’s been five years.”


“I know, but it is what it is. And if anything, at least Spindle has been making some head way with therapy. Better then how he’s been a year ago, don’t you agree.”

He nodded his head. Auntie Rara had recently bought this house as an attempt for a new slate for his brothers and sisters. There was hope that the change of scenery would be best for everyone, “Yeah.”

His aunt gave a tired smile as she moved towards the living room, “I’m going to check up on everyone. Don’t stay up to late.”

“I won’t.” Eminece promised.

** Spindle Amour** 


He was drenched in sweat from the nightmare that plauged his sleeping hours. Only sometimes though which made things harder to try and prepare for. He was always brought so off guard when the terrors of the night crept onto him.

He felt bad for the yelling. For he knew he did that much with his voice sore and raspy, but it was better that than thrashing about arms flailing wildly as he tried hurting anything within his reach. That wasn’t to say he hadn’t, but he didn’t feel any pain coming from his hands he knew if he hadn’t connected with anything.

Marroon watched him cross legged from her bed. “Did you want some water?”



She nodded before rising and left the room. A shiver ran down his spine as he did not like this feeling of being alone in this room, vulnerable  but his sister was back almost instantly as she handed him a glass with he took with a murmur of thanks.

The cool water was refreshing and a much needed to ebb away any last moments of bad dreams. Only half empty, Spindle raised the glass to his face and let the water cool his heated cheeks before draining the rest of it’s contents.

“Emmy was up.” Maroon said taking back the glass.

Spindle looked down at his feet. “Ah.”


Her eyes were soft as she bent down to look at her brother whom just turned his head to look at the wall where his Aunt Rara had decided to hang one of his sketches. Though all the saw was a bunch of lines. Maroon’s voice broke his thoughts, “He asked if you were alright. And I said you were doing okay for the circumstances.”

“I think you should go to bed.” Spindle muttered pushing her back so as he could stand up and slowly made his way to his drawing table. “I’m going to stay up a bit.”

“Just don’t stay up to later, brother.”

He grunted in response as he settled down in the chair and grabbed a protractor starting to draw lines onto the paper. He didn’t focus on what he was doing as his hands moved around marking line, moving again, and marking a line again. There was never any sort of pattern. Nor did he try and make anything, but drawings often did come out of it.


He liked drawing. It distracted  his mind. Let him focus on reality. On things that weren’t a figment of his nightmares and soothed the budding moments of wanting to snap and loose himself. It calmed him, which was a good thing.

He needed a safety net that wasn’t just his family whom sometimes seemed like they were drowning trying to understand his state of mind or the random friends that often lose once they learned he wasn’t normal. Nor would be normal, despite how much his theripst and doctors told him that things would get better with time.

Sometimes that would be just words. Look at his mother, the doctors couldn’t help her. She was too broken. Too many pieces. Not enough time in the world to fix her. And he didn’t want to end up like that. Broken and a shell of what she once was.


And that is why he was happy to have his sketches for he needed something he could control with his own hands. Mold and shape and have however he wanted. Make right.

It wasn’t much, but it was enough from losing himself completely to insanity.

Spindle was up until the wee hours of the morning drawing, not even realizing he hadn’t gone to bed until his sister’s alarm clock went off and she groggily got up for the day.

And life carried on like it normally did.

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Generation 15 Heir Poll [closed]

Last heir poll people. Crazy, yes, expecially since I can still remember that first poll like it was yesterday. Time has flown for the Amours, and I hope that you all will vote for who shall carry the Amour name to the end.

As you’ve probably guessed it from the DITFT rules, there will be two heirs for this last gen so the top 2 will be the ones to carry it forth.  So here our your 5 choices. Pick wisely. Pick for who you want to see. (Not to worry about age differences if it came to mind, I have a plan no matter how that goes)

Poll is at bottom.



Maroon Mila Amour
Nickname: Maroon or Mila
Gender: Female
Father: Milano
Small Write Up (to see their personality):
Music was where she could express herself the best. It always amazed her how a simple beat could change the way a person felt. How they moved. How it could send chills up a persons spine or make them want to do cartwheels in joy. Though she couldn’t make the strings and keys of interments work themselves she learned how to take music of others and twist it just so… and make it different. Make it better. Invoke more. Perfection.


Gender: Male
Father: Milano
Small Write Up (to see their personality):
Spindle had already been on edge from being woken up by his youngest sibling jumping on him to wake him up that morning. He could feel his head spinning even after breakfast where he took one of his ‘make-normal’ pills. It didn’t help, he noted as he left for school and a kid had pushed past him, not knowing… Spindles hand began shaking and before he broke in a full out tick his twin sister pushed a pad of paper and pencil in his hand. Her voice as soft as she muttered “They’re just lines” as she moved him to sit on a bench watching as slowly his hand began to create. At first it was nothing, but strokes with the pencil but as he turned to a second page he grew calmer, letting his mind focus on the paper. Focusing on the lines fast becoming a picture. They were both late for class by ten minutes, but the problem was adverted. At least, this time.


Nickname: Emmy
Gender: Male
Father: Camelot Siren
Small Write Up (to see their personality):
He was different. Some in the town say it was for attention, but if you asked him it was creativity. An art form he had learned from his Auntie Rara. And expression that didn’t have to deal with just papers like his brother had, but art through clothing. So often he’d spend creating and shaping new clothes. Sometimes for guys and sometimes for girls. Often the clothes he made (for his auntie gave him supplies when he asked her) ended up being worn by him. Sometimes it got him strange looks. Expecially if he made more feminane outfits. But skirts and dress and pants and shirts, they all were so wonderful and colorful and  how could he possibly say no to any of that. Aunt Rara sure didn’t care. 


Raspberry Rose
Nickname: Rose
Gender: Female
Father: Camelot Siren
Small Write Up (to see their personality):
Even from when she was little, she was always good at acting. She could make any story believable and able to copy anything she saw. Facial expressions she saw on tv would often be duplicated in the mirror later on in the day. The only thing she was not allowed to duplicate was her eldest brothers expression even if they were the best, because it felt like mockery and hurt his feeling. Oh well, at least she had other people. 


Gender: Male
Father: Cinereous Cadmium
Small Write Up (to see their personality): 
He had magic in his fingertips. From sculpting to tattoos he could make beauty out of nothing. He had watched his brothers work their diligently at their own arts and made him try his hardest for him. He wanted his family to be proud of him and strive his own way since he was the baby of the family. He craved independence and so much more.


So whom shall it be?

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